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Welcome to our gateway

self discovery & deep healing

To heal and invite the light in, we need to clear and create space. 

Illness in the body is always an invitation to understand ourselves.

Emotional patterns repeat until we embrace the lesson and dissolve them.

Removing what energetically hijacks us, returns our energy to us.

In this space we deepen into and align all the layers of who we are.​

In this space we find ourselves.

In this space we discover that we are our most powerful healing allies.

Image by Rowan Heuvel

While life is certainly a dance, our Soul has its own unique song....... its' own unique experiences.... throughout time and space........and it is in this way our song forms part of the cosmic choir of all existence.           

Our lives are woven and interlaced with the unforeseen and the unpredictable.

Life events can leave us with trauma and emotional wounds, from this life, from our ancestry and from our past lives.

These traumas and patterns if left unhealed, find expression through illness, imbalance and discord in our physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic body.

These Traumas then create fractures and openings in our energetic body, allowing parasitic energies to attach.

Just as the physical body can have parasites, so too can our energy body, these entities feed from and siphon our energy, leaving us depleted and disconnected.  Affecting our physical bodies, emotional states, our way of thinking and feeling and bring chaos and disharmony into our lives in unimaginable ways.

For healing to occur in any meaningful and lasting way, we must first ensure that dense stored emotions, trauma, energetic hijackers and interference is removed.   So that your energy is freed and unblocked, and so that you, and only you, have access to your energy and vital life force, to not only heal but guide you on your path as a divine soul having a human experience.

Image by Rowan Heuvel


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Heal and liberate your physical and spiritual energy from all that binds you.   Removing entities and energetic parasites so that you can have uninterrupted access to all of your energy.

Rebuild and repair any damage in the energetic body and systems.

Release trauma and old worn emotional patterns.

Guide you into the most relevant past life/lives that can offer insight, information and healing pertinent to your present life.

Help to understand the initial wounding or root cause of any addiction, physical pain, illness and/or phobias.

Bring forth your Higher Self who can offer answers to what you seek, bring clarity regarding your life path and  deepen your connection to self as a divine being having a human experience.

Identify and remove harmful or disruptive energies that may be emanating from the environment outside of yourself such as Earth and Geopathic energies.

Remove non beneficial energetic attachments, entities and parasitic energies siphoning your energy.

Finding and releasing any blocks or patterns when guided to in the session.

Identify and resolve any blockages or beliefs interfering with you standing in your truth and power.

Identifying any deficiencies or disharmonious functioning in the energetic body. Cleansing and activating the energy body bringing it into harmonious functioning.

Broadcasting new beneficial frequencies or patterns into your field



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