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For the session you must have a headset with a microphone that sits in front of the mouth and it must be wired so that it can plug into your device.

Your Headset

Your Device

For the session you must have a stable and adequate internet speed.

The session is conducted online via a Zoom link and can be conducted on a PC, Laptop, iPad but will not be conducted via a mobile phone.

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Hypnosis Facts
We all have 3 different brainwave states that we operate in:

Alpha brainwave state when we are awake

Delta brainwave state when we are sleeping

Theta brainwave state which you experience just before you fall asleep and just before you completely wake and enter Alpha.

To guide you into a state of hypnosis, we assist you to enter a deeply relaxed state of the body and mind, this is Theta.

You will be aware of everything in the session, you will not be unconscious or somewhere else.

Pre-Session Chat (1 Hour)

The first Hour involves talking through the paperwork you have completed prior to the session and discussing your requirements and hopes for the session.

Hypnosis 2 Hour Progressive Relaxation

Using the voice I will progressively lead you into a state of deep body relaxation and deep relaxation of the mind which will allow you to drift easily into Theta Brainwave state. 

We will check and identify any Entities and Energetic Parasitic Beings,  with the assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters we will remove them.

We then check for any accumulated dense feelings, unhealed repressed trauma that needs releasing and healing.  If the energy centres  have been impacted by any of these attachments they will be re-built and the Aura resealed, so you are no longer vulnerable to attachments and parasitic energies.   

Past Life Regression/Multidimensional Soul Travel

I will then if time permits guide you into a Past Life or another part of the your Multi-Dimensional Self.   The Higher Self  (yours) will naturally guide you to the most pertinent lifetime that the you need to see in order to give Clarity and insight in the present lifetime. Trauma held by the soul in these 'other' lives can carry through into this life.

Higher Self Checks and Questions

Your Higher Self is the part of you that is eternal, without ego and that exists beyond linear time.  Your Higher Self knows all that has ever been and ever will be.

We ask the Higher Self to highlight if there is anything else requiring healing and then we ask the Higher Self your 10 questions.      Once we have completed this and the Higher Self has no more information for you, we finish the session with me counting you out of your relaxed state and back into full awareness, awake and energised.

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